Jury Will Consider The Felonies Against Trump On Wednesday

Hear how jurors reacted to defense's closing statement in Trump hush money hearing | Image Credit: CNN.com
Hear how jurors reacted to defense’s closing statement in Trump hush money hearing | Image Credit: CNN.com

On Wednesday, the jury in the criminal trial of Donald J. Trump will start deliberations following hours of closing statements that presented the case in harsh and incongruous terms.

In the first criminal trial of an American president, the 12 New Yorkers might take hours, days, or even weeks to reach a conviction. Additionally, the court will provide the jurors with instructions on pertinent legal matters prior to their start of deliberations.

A day after the jurors witnessed the last round of intense arguments from both sides, the case enters its last phase.

Joshua Steinglass, a prosecutor, painstakingly detailed a plot to suppress a porn star’s report of having sex with Mr. Trump on election eve in 2016. After receiving a $130,000 hush-money arrangement from Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former fixer, Stormy Daniels remained silent.

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Prosecutors said that when Mr. Trump paid back Mr. Cohen for the hush money and fabricated documents to hide the entire affair, the schemes went beyond the law.

Mr. Steinglass stated, “Everything points to the person who has profited the most, Donald Trump,” and added that the goal was to “hoodwink the American voter.”

In his summary, defence attorney Todd Blanche claimed that Mr. Trump’s acts were just ordinary business practices and not crimes. He argued that the felony allegations of fabricating company documents were a charade based on lies and without “a crumb of proof.”

Much of Mr. Blanche’s closing statement focused on casting doubt on Mr. Cohen’s veracity, referring to him as “the greatest liar of all time,” and pleading with the jury to return “a very swift and easy not guilty finding.”

The following information pertains to the initial prosecution of an American president:

Prosecutors claim that Mr. Trump utilised the 34 criminal charges of fabricating company documents to pass off the payments to Mr. Cohen as routine legal costs. He may spend up to four years in prison or probation if found guilty. In his denial of any wrongdoing, Mr. Trump asserts that he never had sex with Ms. Daniels, who testified about meeting him during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in 2006. This serves as a recap of the case.

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Mr. Steinglass offered a broad tale about a voter fraud during his concluding remarks. He said that Mr. Trump’s deal with The National Enquirer to purchase and suppress negative reports amounted to a “subversion of democracy,” preventing the American people from making their own decisions about whether or not Mr. Trump’s sex with a porn actress was relevant. His points might be very important: It was up to the prosecutors to prove that there was a conspiracy to rig the 2016 election through the falsification of corporate documents.

Mr. Cohen was attacked by Mr. Blanche, who painted him as a liar and renegade actor out for vengeance. Since Mr. Cohen had actually practiced law, he contended that the documents contained no incorrect information. Furthermore, he implied that Mr. Trump had no need to consider them since he was the “leader of the free world” at the time.


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