Actors’ strike ended on 10th Nov 2023: Which films resumed production

Actors' strike ended on 10th Nov 2023
Actors’ strike ended on 10th Nov 2023 | Image Credit:

After a four-month strike, Hollywood studios and the US actor union, Sag-Aftra, reached a tentative agreement on 10th Nov 2023 to resume production on a number of films and television series.

The shutdown – paired with a separate writers’ strike – hampered production on a number of films and TV series, with the release dates for several needing to be postponed.

Writing for several films and TV series could restart when the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) finished its strike in September 2023, but nothing could be filmed because of the actors’ strike.

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Production on popular titles including Deadpool, The Last of Us, Avatar, and Mission Impossible then continued as the strike had been called off.

Additionally, it signified the return of red carpet premieres and press junkets, which allowed actors in high-profile films like Dune: Part Two to promote their roles through interviews.

Due to the actors’ strike, award shows like the Emmys, which are known as TV’s greatest night, had to postpone from its scheduled September 2023. January 2024 would be the actual month of the Emmy Awards ceremony. It means that we will have an exceptionally busy awards season with the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Screen Actors Guild Awards all happening in a few weeks or so.