5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska

5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska
Earthquake Strikes Alaska – 5.9-magnitude Richter Scale | Image Credit: cms.accuweather.com

Alaska was struck on Friday 12th-Jan-2024 by an earthquake with a Richter Scale value of 5.9.

Alaska – An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 on the Richter scale strikes Alaska on Friday, 12th January 2024. Still yet, there are no updates and reports of injuries, damages or deaths.

Earthquake in Alaska


M 5.9 – 72.7 km south-West of Sitka, Alaska
Time of hit: 2024-01-12, 13:15:48
Location (longitude and latitude): 56.511° North 136.017° West
Seismic Depth: 0.6 km

This earthquake with a magnitude (5.9) and depth 0.6 km had Alaska as an epicenter, according to USGS (United States Geological Survey).