Valorant Account Economy Handbook: Advice on What & When to Buy

Valorant Account Economy Handbook
Valorant Account Economy Handbook

Original Author: Dwayne Paschke

Hi everyone! I’m going to discuss Valorant’s economy today since, as you’ll see below, it’s essential to winning games. Additionally, you’ll discover what and when to buy. As a professional Valorant player for the Valorant boosting team at Boosting Factory, I aim to share some of my experience with you for free today.

Put your feet up, and let’s get started right now.

Basics of Economics: How Money Operates in Valorant.

In Valorant, there are several methods to earn credits, including:

  • Spike planting earns 300 points.
  • 200 creds for a kill
  • A round win is worth 3000 credits.
  • First round lost: 1900 points
  • Second round of defeat = 2400 credits
  • Maximum loss in the third round: 2900 credits

It’s important to remember that the lost round bonus resets once you win, and you’ll receive 1900 creds for the next lost round.

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First 3 rounds

A complete purchase of the heavy armor and assault rifle would cost about 4500, or at least 3900. The majority of agents will receive assault rifles, heavy armor, and abilities for $4,500.

I advise you to purchase simply Ghost and your necessary light armor and abilities in the first round.

After that, you should save if the first round is lost. Because you will receive $2400 from the bonus for the second lost round if you lose the second one as well, which you may use to purchase a full set of cards in the third round. Find more details about Valorant Accounts here:

If you prevail in the first round, you can still choose to save unless you and the squad decide otherwise and you go with Spectre, Bulldog, Shotgun, or Marshall purchases. The guaranteed credentials you receive in the third round will determine how much you save.

It is advised that in the third round, at least three members of the team be completely invested. The other two members may choose to follow suit or retain the weapons they either obtained from a deceased team member or owned from the second round.

This is where the tiny feature known as “Minimum next round” really helps. On the purchase page, you can see the minimum next round calculation on the upper left corner beneath your character. I use it constantly, and you should too—use it to avoid having to calculate!

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Purchasing must be coordinated with the team.

Using the above-mentioned technique won’t accomplish anything if the rest of your team doesn’t follow suit.

Here’s where team communication is essential, as our article on the Top 10 Tips for Winning Valorant Placements makes clear. To indicate when to save money and when to make a complete purchase, use the voice chat feature.

If the microphone is truly unusable, you may utilize the three buttons in the upper left corner where the minimum credits for the next round are displayed to have your character indicate whether they are purchasing, saving, or using their spare credits to purchase something for someone else.

Stay cool, be kind, and refrain from calling people names and yelling at them!

Eco rounds

When three or more players on your team lack the necessary funds to make a full buy, an eco-round is triggered. You have three choices at that time.

1. Making no purchases

Just staying away from purchases and realizing that you most likely won’t win this one, but yet trying your hardest! and holding onto the credentials in case you have enough for a complete buy in the subsequent round.

2. Partial purchase

You can acquire armor and potentially a weapon during a half purchase and still have enough money for a full buy the next round. For example, obtaining heavy or light armor, perhaps an improved weapon, and enhanced abilities.

Naturally, the chances of winning this round are greater than those of option one.

3. Coerced acquisition

This is your opportunity to purchase as much as you can, knowing full well that you won’t have enough credits for the following round of purchases.

When you wish to spend all the money since you’re going to lose in the following round or the game is ended, forcing is typically done at the conclusion of the half or the match. Another situation is that you want three out of the five players to have enough money to try to win the round by getting a good weapon and some armor; ideally, all five should be able to force a good load out.

It’s dangerous to force when it’s not the conclusion of the half or game since, should you lose, you’ll be much worse off than you were before.

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Buying each other items

As I’ve said several times in this article, it’s critical that each member of the team has comparable equipment; you want the team to be evenly distributed in terms of saving and purchasing patterns.

As a result, if you have enough money, don’t be afraid to purchase anything for a teammate who doesn’t, as you guys have determined that this is a buy round. Functions in reverse, so don’t be afraid to ask for a weapon if you require one.

It’s incredibly easy to buy or request an item. Just right-click on the item on the buy screen, or buy it for a friend by selecting Buy on their profile on the left of your buy screen.

You may have a better chance of carrying yourself the following round if you keep the money rather than squandering it on a terrible player, though, if your buddy is acting badly, trolls, or AFKs.

It’s important to remember that if you purchase a new weapon on top of an old one, it will simply overwrite it and you won’t receive the money for the old one. Therefore, if you have a good weapon from the previous round, you should drop it before purchasing a new one in case someone else needs it.

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Round Saving

If you don’t already know, saving is the practice of a player with a respectable loadout choosing to conserve his stuff for the following round rather than trying to battle the opposing side and win the round when the odds are against him. It would be unwise, for instance, to try a 1v4 or 1v5. Instead, you should play the odds and consider the long term.

Another scenario is when you’re not in a 1v5, but you have limited time to place a spike or defuse the situation. Over time, you’ll develop this sense of timing in the game and know when to save and when not to.

Hazardous saving

Attempting to save but managing to pick up a few kills instead, harming the opponent’s economy and raising your chances of winning the match, is known as risky saving.

Hunting down and rescuing enemy players is another option available to you. When they attempt to flee the combat zone, you can intercept them, take a kill, and harm their economy.

You should only take such actions when your finances are doing well.

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Saving ability

Of course, abilities can also be saved. If you’re winning a lot of games or you just don’t need an ability since you know how the game will end, then wasting it is a terrible choice. Don’t squander any credibility — everyone matters.

That concludes our discussion on Valorant’s economy. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re having trouble improving your division or placement matches, have a look at our Valorant rank boosting and Valorant placements boosting services, wherein our experienced gamers will either play alongside you or assist you improve your division or win placements.

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