The Minnesota Timberwolves’ “redemption song” Jaden McDaniels

Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jaden McDaniels - Denver Nuggets
Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jaden McDaniels – Denver Nuggets

With a 45-point victory against Denver, Wolves force a Sunday Game 7.

In Game 6 of the NBA playoffs’ second round, Jaden McDaniels was wide open and exactly where the Denver Nuggets needed him to be when he received the ball in the left corner.

As he bent his knees to shoot, the Nuggets moved toward the hoop to get the rebound instead of rushing out to cover him. They were right when they assumed he would miss. In the Nuggets’ second-round playoff series against his Minnesota Timberwolves, McDaniels’ three-point attempt clanked on the inside of the hoop and missed for the thirteenth time out of his fifteen attempts.

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Aaron Gordon of Denver quickly dribbled up the court after grabbing the rebound, and McDaniels raced from the corner to catch up to his defensive partner, Michael Porter Jr. Gordon and Porter crossed paths over the half court line. Gordon passed the ball to Porter while simultaneously giving McDaniels a shoulder-clipping blow to the jaw as the latter attempted to turn back into coverage. Porter got up and made a 3-pointer of his own to put Denver ahead 9–2. Coach Chris Finch of the Wolves called a timeout.

This was the lowest point for the Wolves and McDaniels. Seven points down after three minutes of play in a game that would humiliatingly conclude a glorious season marked by four successive losses following two decisive wins.

Following the game, Finch stated, “There were two replies.” “That was our reaction following the previous three games. However, the most crucial reaction came after we lost 9–2.

Finch urged his players to refocus on defense and resume transitioning. The Wolves handed it over right away after the timeout, but they swiftly recovered and forced a stop. The ball went to McDaniels once more, who dribbled into the corner unopposed. The announcer on national television explained the event as follows: “McDaniels (dared) to fire it – and rattles it in!”

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The dike shattered just like that. The very next play, Anthony Edwards converted a steal that McDaniels forced open into a slam dunk. The following basket was a missed layup by McDaniels, who dribbled in to tie the score after the shot was tapped out. With three minutes remaining in the first, he scored his next point, a thunderous slam off a steal and a pass from Naz Reid. It was the last basket in a 27-2 Wolves offensive run that never truly faltered. The shocking outcome was Wolves 115, Nuggets 70.

As usual, McDaniels was a formidable opponent when playing perimeter defense. It was unusual that McDaniels finished with 21 points on 8 of 10 shooting, including 3 of 5 from beyond the three-point line. His previous series high was 11.

Concerning the outburst, Finch remarked, “confidence, simply confidence.” “He wasn’t making good shots with the ball.” They will never stop complimenting him on his appearance. We were ignited to come out of that timeout by his three. That thing needs to go down badly. Everything then fell into place as the offense progressed. He scored a lot of buckets in a variety of ways, and when Jaden does that, we know we’re playing the game well.

KAT directs his voltage

It goes without saying that Karl-Anthony Towns has a track record of inconsistent postseason play throughout his career. It has been a magnifying of what he sometimes experiences throughout the regular season—he overachieves, becomes agitated when things don’t go as planned, and then exacerbates the issue by trying to make amends. Finch put it succinctly a few years ago when he called it “stray electricity.”

However, KAT has managed to keep his bothersome flash under control over what has become to be an exhausting seven-game series against the reigning champion Nuggets, and never more so than in the blowout on Thursday night.

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Instead of current Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, the most effective Timberwolf to face up against reigning MVP Nikola Jokic is KAT, who has perfected the challenging skill of slugging with Jokic without drawing too many fouls. He just sufficiently precluded the greatest strategist in the game from his thoughts to take some of the depth out of his play.

Jokic, who had KAT as his main defender, missed more than half of his attempts (9 for 19) and gave up more assists (two) than he made turnovers (three). Surpassing Jokic’s usual cathartic spark for his teammates, KAT replaced wayward electricity with unheralded commitment.

It was more of the same subdued effectiveness on offense. KAT was happy with 10 points in 29 minutes of play, down from his regular-season average of 22 points and his playoff average of 19 points. However, his five assists lead the club. They came from deft, straightforward passes to Gobert and McDaniels, who were frequently sidelined in the Wolves’ offensive progression (two assists each). Additionally, he led the team with 13 rebounds, second only to Gobert’s 14; nonetheless, Rudy’s three points in the fourth quarter during garbage time caused KAT to sit out.

More importantly, there was no harm from the voltage. KAT committed just one turnover and refrained from fouling in the second half despite picking up three when the game was closer. Inquiries directed towards Finch at the news conference following the game did not bring him up. However, he has been quietly important for the most of this series, including Thursday’s game.

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Details & Facts

Ant played for 33 minutes and 39 seconds on Thursday night, during which the Wolves defeated the Nuggets by a score of 43 points.

On Sunday, Game 7 will be played in Denver. The Wolves will play in the afternoon if, by then, the Knicks have already defeated the Pacers in their best-of-seven series. The Pacers will play in the afternoon, while the Wolves and Nuggets would kick off at night, should they tie the series and force a seventh game with the Knicks.

Last but not least, a quick note on Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors. After his team was ousted from the playoffs a few weeks ago, he was able to accept a position as a commentator on the well-liked TNT program “Inside the NBA.”

Gobert and Green have a protracted and nasty rivalry. Green choked Gobert and pulled him down the floor back in November, earning him a five-game suspension. Green aggressively attacked Gobert with a lot of hate and no compassion after Jokic made him seem foolish in Game 5; these remarks quickly went viral on social media. Green later declared angrily that the Wolves-Nuggets series “was gone” before to Game 6 because the Wolves no longer thought they could win.

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