Terry Dubrow, star of “Botched,” update on his health after mini-stroke

'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow - Health Update - Ministroke
Credit: etonline.com | ‘Botched’ Star Terry Dubrow – Health Update – Ministroke

The ‘Botched’ actor and his spouse, Heather Dubrow, were interviewed by ET at BravoCon.
Terry Dubrow is getting better. At BravoCon, Terry gave ET’s Brice Sander an update on his health, three months after the Botched star experienced a ministroke that led medical professionals to discover a hole in his heart.

Telling ET, “I’m doing great,” Terry said. “They plugged the hole in my heart, so Hailey Bieber and I have something very significant in common.”

In fact, last year, doctors discovered that Hailey Bieber had a patent foramen ovale (PFO), a hole in her heart that didn’t fill properly after birth, when she suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Terry stated that he is currently “still doing surgery five days a week, so it’s great.”

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Terry said that his wife Heather Dubrow saved his life following his health emergency in an August interview with ET.

“Thank you honey, without you I wouldn’t be here today,” Terry said to Heather in an ET BravoCon interview. “I love you.”

It all began when Terry started having difficulty speaking after the couple and their son, Nicholas, went out to dinner. Terry was annoyed that Heather insisted on phoning 9-1-1 even though the event was brief.

“We had a disagreement. “Stop this, you are embarrassing me,” I said. It was previously resolved. ‘Nope, call 9-1-1,’ she replies. In August, Terry told ET.

One of the main points is that my view differed from what she had seen. When it comes to stroke-like symptoms, you can be experiencing something quite different from what other people are.”

Terry was advised to be checked out by paramedics, friends, and his wife, despite his initial refusal to go to the hospital. It’s a good thing he did.

“Let’s be honest, most physicians’ spouses would say something like, ‘Hey, you’re a doctor,’ if it weren’t for my wife’s insistence. I will pay attention to you. Terry remarked, “I would have gone home.” “I would have immediately gone to bed. Maybe I passed away as I slept. It may have been a horrible stroke I had. My life was saved by Heather Dubrow. That really isn’t over the top.”