Samsung’s AI Upscaling Addition To New OLED Monitor for Gaming


Samsung has incorporated additional functionalities, such as AI-powered resolution upscaling for content and games and safeguards against OLED burn-in, into the new OLED G8 gaming monitor it unveiled in January. The 32-inch Odyssey OLED G8 (model G80SD) is currently priced at $1,299.99, which is marginally less than the initial OLED gaming monitor introduced by Samsung last year, which cost $1,499.99.

The Samsung G80SD is its first gaming monitor to be propelled by artificial intelligence; it utilizes the same NQ8 AI Gen3 processor as its recently unveiled 2024 Neo QLED 8K television. According to Samsung, this processor powers the monitor’s AI-upscaling capabilities, which elevates content and games to nearly 4K when executed via the monitor’s integrated smart TV applications and Gaming Hub, respectively.

In order to prevent OLED burn-in, the company has also improved the cooling system of the G80SD by incorporating a “pulsating heat conduit” that, according to Samsung, is five times more effective at dissipating heat than the graphite sheet approach that was previously employed. Additionally, the monitor automatically detects and dims the luminance of static images such as taskbars and heads-up displays in video games.

The remaining G8 specifications—including its aspect ratio of 16:9, resolution of 3840 x 2160, refresh rate of 240Hz, and flat display—remain unchanged from those that were previously disclosed prior to CES 2024. The monitor, according to Samsung, has a maximum luminance of 250 nits and is FreeSync Premium Pro compatible, which helps to reduce screen latency and screen tearing.

Although resolution upscaling has been a feature of televisions and streaming devices for a while, its performance in a gaming-oriented monitor remains unknown. Particularly as the demand for OLED gaming displays continues to rise, the inclusion of this feature in Samsung’s newest product could set it apart from the competition, assuming consumers are interested in utilizing it.