NBA Finals: Game 4 Saw Minnesota Timberwolves Defeat Dallas Mavericks

Timberwolves 105 - 100 Mavericks summary, stats, scores and highlights | Image Credit:
Timberwolves 105 – 100 Mavericks summary, stats, scores and highlights | Image Credit:

Minnesota will make NBA history as the first club to progress from a 3-0 deficit if they win the playoff series.

With the help of Karl-Anthony Towns’ long-range shooting and Anthony Edwards’ game-high 29 points, the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Dallas Mavericks 105-100 in Game 4 to go to the NBA Western Conference finals.

The Timberwolves advanced to a home Game 5 on Thursday night in hopes of being the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a playoff series after winning their opening game of the best-of-seven series on Tuesday.

Edwards emphasised later that the squad did not have Game 4 victory on its agenda.

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He stated, “We just wanted to stretch the series and get one game.”

In my career, I have never been carried away. I was not going to be swept. Not listening to their supporters shout garbage all day on their home court.

After winning the first two games of the series in a previous trip to Minneapolis, Luka Doncic had a triple-double for the fifth-seeded Mavericks with 28 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists.

The sides fought evenly for the opening eighteen minutes of the second half after Minnesota had taken an early 12-point lead. Towns’ 3-pointer with five minutes left gave the Timberwolves a 92-90 edge.

Thanks in large part to Towns, who tied the game at five points on Minnesota’s following possession with a three-pointer, the visitors never trailed again.

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Doncic accepts responsibility. With 3:18 remaining and the hosts down 95-92, Doncic’s missed 3-point attempt gave Dallas their best opportunity to tie the game.

With 2:54 remaining, Towns made another basket from beyond the arc, and 67 seconds later, Edwards followed with a bank jumper in the lane, and the Timberwolves were up 100-92.

That was my fault, Doncic said. “I didn’t put forth enough effort.”

With 13.2 seconds remaining, Doncic made a desperation 3-pointer as he was fouled to keep the Mavericks alive at 103-100, but he missed the ensuing free throw.

With 11.3 seconds left, Naz Reid broke through the Dallas defenders for the game-winning basket during a timeout.

Until earlier in the playoffs, we had never suffered three straight losses. Chris Finch, the coach of the Timberwolves, stated, “We’ve never lost four straight.”

“The men answered. They are a fun squad to teach because they never give up and always think they can succeed.

The Timberwolves had lost their opening three games by three, one, and nine points after being outscored 10-3, 6-0, and 14-3, respectively.

They are now 3-0 in postseason games that might result in elimination.

At the half, the score was level at 49, with Doncic and Edwards leading their respective sides in scoring. It was 78-73 for Minnesota going into the fourth quarter.

According to Doncic, “They won one game.” “We must concentrate on the next one.”

– News Agencies

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