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Hale Trailer, Brake, And Wheel Inc.
Hale Trailer, Brake, And Wheel Inc.

Since the dawn of his existence, man has always sought ways to simplify his tasks to carry out specific procedures. Humankind has always been the mastermind of inventing gadgets or devices that will make life far easier. One of the most mutual aspects where civilizations from all eras and corners of the world have boggled their minds to devise a solution has been the transport of heavy goods from one place to another. Earlier civilizations are noted to have incorporated the use of inclined planes, wedges, levers, pulleys, screws, the wheel and axle, and other ancient tools that helped a lot with loading, transportation, and offloading altogether. The idea, being a magnificent one, however, needed more modifications to enhance the ease of labor in a distinctive way. Humans, comprising the minds of the most superficial beings on the planet, have never failed to accommodate with an even better plan.

Today, in the modern era of technology and advancements, humans have modified ancient tools to be more updated. Flatbed trailers that were introduced in the early 19th century are among the most updated tools that are widely used for the transportation of massive goods from one place to another. Modern logistics would not be possible without trailers, which are the lifeblood of transportation for innumerable sectors. Trailers accommodate a wide range of cargo requirements, from reefers conveying perishable goods to flatbeds transporting heavy machinery. They ensure punctual deliveries, minimize transportation expenses, and optimize supply chains. Trailers play a crucial role in numerous sectors, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and logistics, thereby making substantial contributions to both global trade and economic expansion. Trailers are, in essence, the silent workhorses that propel organizations forward.

Nevertheless, in a progressive and advanced era of modern times, we come across many companies in every sector, but companies like Hale Trailer, Brake, and Wheel Inc. have made sure to stand out in excellence. Making it entirely impossible for one to miss out on noticing, especially with the exceptional services they have to offer. Founded in 1972, Hale Trailer, Brake, and Wheel Inc. is a commercial trailer industry entity headquartered in the United States that is widely recognized for its extensive selection of trailer solutions, outstanding customer service, and unwavering dedication to meeting client needs. Established by Barry Hale, the organization has undergone a transformation from a rental company specializing in trailers to become the preeminent independent trailer dealer in North America, with an extensive network of 15 branches extending from the East Coast to Iowa in the West.

Established from his domicile in Southern New Jersey, Barry Hale initiated a trailer rental enterprise at the age of 25. This enterprise rapidly expanded to include the trade of pre-owned trailers. Hale acquired several Gindy open tops from 1972 and advertised them in a trade publication. Wayne Chaffee and George Parke, both of whom were well-known among MMTA members, acquired the trailers; A.W. Chaffee continues to use them at present. Subsequent years witnessed further sales in the New England area, and by the time 48′ x 102′ wide trailers were granted legal status, Hale Trailer had amassed a considerable stockpile.

Merrill Transport, located in Portland, Maine, emerged as an early client, which in turn motivated Barry Hale to travel to Maine in 1984 in order to verify their support. The feedback indicated that trailer dealers in New England were scarce and lacked sufficient inventory on hand. After conducting an extensive marketing analysis, Hale acquired Dorsey Trailers for the Portland location. This resulted in an influx of business from numerous Maine-based companies, which required additional strategic planning. As a consequence, a sizable structure was erected and has functioned as the principal office of Hale Trailer since 1989.

Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc. has maintained its reputation as a premier company within the trailer industry, boasting a string of prestigious awards and recognitions. Among these accolades, the company has secured the coveted title of Distributor of the Year for an impressive span from 1998 to 2007 in the East region. Additionally, their excellence has been acknowledged by Fontaine, with notable achievements such as the President’s Award in 2007 and 2009, as well as being ranked as the Platform Sales Leader, securing 1st place in 2016 and 3rd place in 2015. Their prowess in heavy haul dealings has also earned them a spot in the Top 3 Heavy Haul Dealer category in 2011. Further cementing their standing, TrailKing recognized their outstanding performance in 2014, while Etnyre honored them as a Top Dealer in 2009. Such consistent recognition underscores Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc.’s commitment to excellence and leadership in the trailer industry.