Manga creator Akira Toriyama of “Dragon Ball” passes away at age 68

Manga creator Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball
Manga creator Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama, the immensely acclaimed Japanese manga creator who helped shape the 1980s “Dragon Ball” brand and guided its expansion into a worldwide sensation, passed away on March 1 from an acute subdural haemorrhage. He was sixty-eight.

The official “Dragon Ball” website verified Toriyama’s passing by publishing a tribute to the creator on Thursday night.

We sincerely apologise that he still had a number of works in the process of being enthusiastically created. Furthermore, he would have a great deal more to do,” the statement from Bird Studio states, adding a caveat that it was machine-translated. “He has left this earth with several manga titles and artistic creations. He has had the opportunity to pursue his artistic endeavours for more than 45 years because of the unwavering support of his global fan base. We hope that everyone will continue to adore Akira Toriyama’s distinctive creative universe for a very long time.

With the invention of the well-liked “Dr. Slump” series in the late 1970s, Toriyama achieved early success in the manga business. In 1981, he was awarded a Shogakukan Manga Award, and he went on to oversee two more anime adaptations. That praise, though, was nothing in comparison to “Dragon Ball,” which is a follow-up to his one-shot “Dragon Boy,” which was inspired by kung fu movies. “Dragon Ball,” which debuted as a serial in 1984, has expanded to rank among the best-selling manga series of all time. It is also acknowledged for having popularised manga worldwide, an idea reinforced by the sustained popularity of its several anime adaptations in Western nations.

Throughout his life, Toriyama produced works that went beyond “Dragon Ball.” This was especially true after he had a less creative role with the franchise in the 1990s. Toriyama was an artist who mostly created outside of the public eye. Several one-shot manga runs and character designs for well-known video game franchises like “Chrono Trigger” and “Dragon Quest” are among his other accomplishments.

In the 2010s, Toriyama made a comeback to “Dragon Ball” when he was given a script credit for the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” which was the first “Dragon Ball” feature adaptation in almost two decades. Throughout the property’s most current cycle of motion picture productions, which includes the most recent, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” in 2022, he has remained active.

The family of Toriyama has already had a private funeral ceremony. His spouse Yoshimi Katō and their two kids survive him.