Kelly Clarkson Admits Using Weight-Loss Medication – “Many Suspect It’s Ozempic” | Dramatic Makeover

Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug | Image Credit:
Kelly Clarkson admits to using weight loss drug | Image Credit:

Kelly Clarkson says she takes a different weight-loss pill than a well-known one.

Many people have been talking about Kelly Clarkson’s recent weight reduction experience. That happened really fast, and the admirers hurried to find out her weight loss secret. There were also several conjectures that the singer was using a weight-loss medication. Unexpectedly, Clarkson herself addressed the accusations and admitted to taking a weight-loss medicine. That’s not the well-known medication Ozempic, she stressed.

Kelly Clarkson talks candidly about her weight reduction journey

When the 41-year-old managed to drop more than 41 pounds in 2023, many were shocked. Rumors concerning her use of Ozempic were among the many that her amazing weight reduction journey generated. Talk show presenter Whoopi Goldberg addressed these rumors on a recent edition of The Kelly Clarkson Show. She said that she did rely on a weight-loss medication that her doctor had recommended, but definitely not on what others had believed.

Grabbing Goldberg, Clarkson exclaimed, “You always seem younger to me! Benjamin Button would be like you. It’s absurd every time you enter.” The EGOT champion then informed her that losing weight is the key, pointing out that she had “lost practically two people.” The 68-year-old went on, “I’ve had great success with that fantastic shot that works for people who need some aid.” After making clear that her path was not as many people had thought, Clarkson did not lose any time in revealing her own weight reduction story.

Kelly Clarkson says she never took Ozempic.

After two years of my doctor pursuing me, I said, “No, I’m scared of it. I already struggle with my thyroid. Though everyone believes it to be Ozempic, it is not. Something else is going on.” Singer of Catch my Breath stated.

Kelly Clarkson explained that she takes a drug to improve the way her body processes sugar. This is not, she emphasized, the well-known diabetic medication Ozempic, which controls brain hunger hormones. “I don’t take Ozempic,” she remarked, alluding to an FDA-approved prescription drug for type 2 diabetes.

The American Idol winner has already contested the Oozempic assertions. In a People interview from January as well, the mother of two disclosed her mental health problems and the reasons behind her abrupt transformation. She disclosed then how she spends her leisure time taking her children for walks around the city. Clarkson also talked about her diet heavy in protein and stated she had begun paying more attention to her doctor.

I switch up my diet. I’ve been following my doctor’s advice, which is why I lost weight—a few years ago, I wasn’t. And since I benefit anyhow from a diet high in protein, I’m pretty excellent at it ninety percent of the time. As a Texas gal, I enjoy meat, so apologies to all the vegans out there!


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