Kansas City shooting: 21 wounded, 1 killed, near to the Super Bowl parade

Kansas City shooting: 21 wounded, 1 killed, near to the Super Bowl parade | Image Credit: hollywoodreporter.com
Kansas City shooting: 21 wounded, 1 killed, near to the Super Bowl parade | Image Credit: hollywoodreporter.com

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph parade, there was a shooting in Missouri that left one person dead and twenty-one injured.

According to officials, they attended to seven patients with potentially fatal injuries as well as eight patients whose conditions were immediately life-threatening.

Among the injured were nine youngsters; all are anticipated to make a full recovery.

According to the police, three individuals are in custody in relation to the incident.

At around 14:00 local time (20:00 GMT), the procession came to a finish at Union Station, the train station in downtown Kansas City, where thousands of spectators had congregated to witness the celebrations. This is when the bullets were fired.

According to local sources, when the initial bullets were fired, Kansas City Chiefs players were still on a platform there.

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Image Credit: abcnews.go.com

The mayor of the city and his family were among those in the throng who fled for safety as a result of the shooting.

According to Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves, detectives on the site launched an investigation as soon as the shootings occurred. Officers arrived on the scene almost away. In addition, the Fire Department moved quickly to assist the injured.

According to authorities, there were already around 800 police officers there to oversee the procession. In case medical assistance was required, members of the city’s fire department were also on hand.

Chief Graves reported at a press conference on Wednesday that three suspects had been taken into custody and that 22 people had been hit by gunfire, one of them was killed.

One of the DJs of the local radio station, Lisa Lopez, was reported dead in the incident.

Within ten minutes after the incident, the critically injured patients were brought to three nearby hospitals, according to authorities, while the remaining wounded were flown to three different hospitals.

According to chief nursing officer Stephanie Meyer, nine children between the ages of six and fifteen are receiving treatment at Children’s Mercy Hospital for gunshot wounds.

“I would simply use the term terror to characterize what we witnessed and how they felt when they came to us,” Ms. Meyer continued.

In addition to treating others who were not shot but had sustained various injuries in the abrupt stampede that followed the gunshot, local hospitals reported.

Image Credit: fijionenews.com.fj

None of the victims’ identities were disclosed by city officials. Furthermore, they withheld any information on the apprehended individuals, including any possible explanation for the shooting.

The BBC’s US partner CBS News was informed by a law enforcement source that the shooting seemed to be the outcome of a heated debate that escalated into violence. It has nothing to do with terrorism, the person claimed.

According to the police, they are collecting both digital and tangible evidence while looking into the motivation. They requested that anybody with information or witnesses get in touch with the police.

A “heartbroken” city

The Kansas City Chiefs had won the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year when the shooting started. But the thrilling and uniting moment of this lesser-known American city was stolen.

Quinton Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, reported that he and other people heard gunfire while inside the Union Station. He began running with his family members.

“We went out today as everyone else in Kansas City was wanting to celebrate,” Mr. Lucas stated during the press conference on Wednesday.

“My mother and wife were also present while I was there. I never would have imagined that hundreds of thousands of people, including Chiefs players and supporters, would have to flee for their lives in order to protect us today.”

The Kansas City Chiefs organization said in a statement that it was “deeply pained” by the violence on Wednesday. It further stated that all of its personnel, players, and coaches—as well as their families—were safe and accounted for.

On social media, Travis Kelce, the team’s star tight end whose romance with Taylor Swift became well-known, expressed his “heartbreak over the atrocity that went place tonight.”

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Following the incident, Chiefs wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling also posted on social media. He expressed his desire to communicate with the young people who were shot.

“My goal is to ensure their well-being,” stated Mr. Valdes-Scantling. “However, I would want to support them in any way I can and purchase some team supplies to aid in their recuperation.”

The mayor highlighted that security measures were in place in the city and that this should cause the citizens to seriously consider their options. He said that even with hundreds of law enforcement officers there, the event happened because of certain bad actors who were carrying firearms.

US President Joe Biden also discussed the problem of gun violence in the nation in a statement.

“Today’s tragedies should shock, stir, and shame us into action,” he declared, advocating for assault weapon bans and gun control in the US.


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