How to Finish BG3 Walkthrough House of Hope

How To Complete House Of Hope - BG 3 Walkthrough | Image Credit:
How To Complete House Of Hope – BG 3 Walkthrough | Image Credit:

Outside of the prologue to Baldur’s Gate 3, you cannot travel to the Nine Hells unless you attempt to visit Raphael, the devil,’s House of Hope in Avernus. Numerous mysteries abound in this house and dungeon, where Raphael has held numerous contracts of demonic transactions and imprisoned other beings. Here, legendary goods may be taken, but only if you’re prepared to take on one of the game’s most formidable monsters.

Through Baldur’s Gate 3, the Helsik Ritual leads to the House of Hope. Visiting the NPC Helisk at the Devil’s Fee store is one of the finest things to do in Act 3, since you may purchase the necessary components for the Ritual for about 20,000 Gold there. Helisk can be persuaded to down this fee to 10,000 Gold with a strong Persuasion or Intimidation check, but only if you guarantee to deliver an item from the House.

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How The House of Hope Is Traveled

After opening a portal, carrying out the ritual will send you to Avernus and almost instantly present you to the keeper of the House of Hope. Hope, an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3, has been magically enslaved and compelled to guard this location for Raphael. To stop Hope from instantly calling on the House’s defenders to assault your party, you’ll need to pass a few dialogue tests with her.

It’s important to earn Hope’s confidence since she can provide disguises for everyone in your group, allowing you to move throughout the House. This delusion turns your party into debtors, or those compelled into service because they are unable to fulfill Raphael’s demonic contracts. With this gear, you have plenty of room to explore Baldur’s Gate 3 and look for riches or other tidbits of information.

Every Principal Building in the House of Hope

The Portal Room, the Archive, the Mystic Force Curtain, and Hope’s Prison are the four places in the House of Hope that you should think about visiting. You entered the House through the Portal Room, which also houses a number of other portals to other worlds. Don’t bother attempting to engage with these portals, as your party cannot utilize them to go to other regions such as Chult or Neverwinter, unlike Raphael.

The Archive, located in the west portion of the House, is supervised by a figure in Baldur’s Gate 3 who goes by the name of Archivist. Although initially antagonistic, this person may be coerced into joining your group via fear. You could discover that the Archivist is afraid of Zariel’s Inquisitors and would go to great lengths to make accommodations for them if they were to visit if you enter through the Foyer rather than the Feast Hall.

You should be able to access the Archive completely by pretending to be a Zariel Inquisitor, but you will also be able to enter the House through the Mystic Force Curtain. Entering The Boudoir, or Raphael’s private bedroom, is accessed through the Curtain. Returning to the Portal Room can lead you to Hope’s Prison, which is defended by two Observer opponents, through a secret trapdoor.

You won’t be able to do anything to free Hope at first since she is imprisoned by two enchanted crystals that are attached to the House. To eliminate these ties, one must locate the Orphic Hammer in Baldur’s Gate 3, a legendary item that has the power to permanently shatter Hope’s shackles.

How to Get Hope Free and the Orphic Hammer

The only weapon that can release the Githyanki Prince Orpheus is the Orphic Hammer, which is crucial for many of the game’s tasks. If Raphael had previously given you this artifact, it would have been in exchange for the devil receiving the Crown of Karsus according to an infernal bargain. One of the many difficult decisions you must make during the plot of Baldur’s Gate 3 is to make a binding contract for your soul.

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The Hammer can be found in the Archive, but it’s locked behind a magical barrier that requires a certain word to be broken. Visit The Boudoir in Baldur’s Gate 3 and speak with the incubus Haarlep that is sleeping on Raphael’s bed. This demon can provide you with the key to the container and the location of a hidden safe that has the necessary code.

Haarlep won’t, however, assist you in robbing their master for nothing. You can choose to part with your body or your spirit, or with part of yourself. Giving up both will result in your character’s death, however trading one of these features will pacify the demon long enough for it to provide some information to your group. Interacting with Haarlep may be quite risky, and many companions won’t enjoy it at all.

Rapahel’s Notes, which hold the code required to release the Hammer from its barrier, are revealed after the safe is cracked open. Any item taken from the House of Hope will bring Raphael’s wrath and make the dungeon even more hazardous. Battle your way back to Hope’s Prison via the House’s traps and freshly aggressive adversaries, and then destroy the crystals to liberate Hope at last.

How To Break Your Agreement With Raphael

Anyone who entered into a contract with Raphael for the Orphic Hammer can locate it in the Archive. This contractual agreement to give Raphael the Crown of Karsus is shielded by an impervious sphere, much like the Hammer. You can also burst this bubble and break free from whatever agreements you may have made with the devil in Baldur’s Gate 3 by using the code found in Raphael’s Notes.

All of the Magical Stuff in the Hope House

The entire dungeon turns hostile when you steal even one item from the House of Hope, so you may as well grab everything that Raphael has. Return to the Archive and gather as much as your group can before fleeing. You can access a hidden room where powerful magical objects can be found by making a DC 10 Wisdom and DC 20 Intelligence check if you find an Inert Infernal Gem along one of the walls.

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