Four-alarm fire destroys a sizable industrial complex, in Elizabeth, NJ

4-Alarm House Fire In Elizabeth, N.J.
Source: | 4-Alarm House Fire In Elizabeth, N.J.

ELIZABETH, New Jersey (WABC) – Just south of Newark Airport, a massive industrial facility in Elizabeth is engulfed in flames due to a four-alarm fire that is causing a fireball to leap upwards.

Just after 5:30 a.m. on Friday, a fire started on Trumbull Street in the Elizabethport neighbourhood.

It was possible to see flames shooting through the big industrial structures. The complex’s structures have been affected by the fire, which began in building F6.

Although there is a warehouse close to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) that has been impacted by the fire, there is yet no evidence that this is having an impact on airport operations. There are no confirmed casualties according to authorities, and the reason of the event is yet unknown. In the region, there is a significant emergency response.

The impacted area’s transport and business interruptions are probably going to last for the next few hours. Traffic interruptions around EWR are a possibility; flight problems are not completely ruled out.

Many of the fire hydrants in the complex were dead, which initially caused firefighters to be set back.

Firefighters established a collapse zone and stationed mutual assistance firetrucks around the burning buildings in response to the three roof collapses that have already happened.

In order to combat the fire from the water, the FDNY also dispatched a fireboat.

To ensure that there are no airborne pollutants from the fire, the State DEP is deploying air monitors.

Located near Newark Airport on the southern end, the facility is currently called Elizabeth Industrial Park and is home to several firms.

The structures that are now on fire seem to be behind a streetside building that is two blocks long and was originally built in 1900 to house the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

The origin of the fire and the status of any injuries are still unknown.


Till the authorities declare the location safe, stay away from there. Look for any interruptions to the transit system and, if needed, find other alternatives. Give yourself more time to go to EWR. If there is a lot of smoke around, you should think about staying indoors, especially if you have any respiratory illnesses like asthma or diseases that make you more vulnerable to the effects of smoke exposure. It is possible for eyes to get inflamed; if this happens, wash your eyes well with clean water.