Expert Claims Aliens in Las Vegas “Attempt To Stave Off Pesky Humans,” Why They Are Here

Las Vegas aliens try to stave off pesky humans
Las Vegas aliens try to stave off pesky humans

A family in Las Vegas informed authorities that they had seen 8- to 10-foot beings “with greenish tint” and reported a crashed UFO.

An experienced crime scene reconstruction specialist believes that the alleged aliens who landed in a Las Vegas family’s garden concealed themselves from humans using “some type of cloaking technology.”

Fox News Digital was taken through the same trial preparation process used by expert witness Scott Roder, who has provided testimony in some of the most well-known criminal cases globally, in order to identify “anomalies” in a witness’s footage.

The two “smoky filters” he described are incongruent with the background he claimed “the creatures” employed to “shield” themselves from the inquisitive family and the responding police officers.

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The same “cloaking mechanism” may have concealed a ship that made an unexpected arrival in Sin City the previous year, according to theories put up by Roder and Jim Quirk, a reporter who hosts the “Extraterrestrial Reality” podcast and provided Fox News Digital with recordings and photographs.

Roder and Quirk concentrated on Angel Kenmore’s footage, which didn’t seem to reveal much at first.

However, something caused the entire family to respond, and they all fled the backyard. The video ended with their abrupt, panicked escape, but Roder reviewed what they had recorded.

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Roder highlighted the “anomalies” he referred to as “undeniable evidence that we are not alone” and replicated movement using various computer programs and artificial intelligence (AI) to demonstrate what most likely occurred on April 30, 2023.

Quirk stated he thinks the black blur in the upper-right corner is an extraterrestrial head covered in “some kind of smoky filter or employing some kind of cloaking technology,” despite doubters calling it a shadow or smudge. Roder and Quirk made reference to this blurry area.

“I believe that the AI program enabled us to ascertain that it wasn’t only a phantom, to the extent of scientific likelihood and beyond any reasonable question,” stated Roder.

“You testify in court using the same standard, and it has the power to imprison a person for the rest of their lives.”

The fuzzy picture that seems to be peering over a big fence “played nuts with our program,” lowering the pixels in the region, according to Roder’s investigation.

Quirk and Roder surmised that the craft that crashed that night was probably equipped with the similar “cloaking technology.”

An inexplicable streak of light raced across the sky prior to the Las Vegas family and the presumed aliens facing off face to face. The Las Vegas Police bodycams recorded it.

Soon later, Angel Kenmore reported to 911 that he had seen a “tall, slender extraterrestrial monster with greenish hue,” standing between eight and ten feet tall, lurking in the backyard behind their forklift.

Police mentioned the light in the sky while investigating the 911 call. They looked through the Kenmore residence, but found nothing.

When asked what he thought occurred and why there was no sign of a craft, Quirk replied, “My impression is something went wrong with this craft or whatever they were in, and it had to come down and make an emergency landing.”

“These alien people may be attempting to fend off the bothersome humans while these other aliens that we don’t see are working on this vessel while they’re performing emergency repairs since they landed in this backyard.”

“This is the last word, as far as anyone should know,” declared Roder. “Every piece of evidence that demonstrates that there is life on Earth and that we are not alone.”

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The fact that the streaking light, which some thought to be a descending UFO, appeared to vanish when Roder checked it with infrared vision yet an airliner didn’t makes the experience even more bizarre.

He described it as having a “steep trajectory” and a “oscillating mechanical sound.” Angel Kenmore dialed 911 not long after it vanished from view.

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Quirk declared, “This is larger than Las Vegas.” “This proves that we are not alone in the world, really.”

Quirk said, “There is an extraterrestrial presence here among us. We’re not entirely sure what they’re doing here, though. We have just conjecture. But there’s definitely something going on here.”

Theoretical and Speculation

Using Roder’s advantages and approaching the situation like a crime scene, Fox News Digital questioned Quirk and Roder about what might happen next.

What, where, and when would be answered if what they’re claiming is accurate, this is an unaltered film (which Roder demonstrated why that’s the case), and it’s evidence of extraterrestrial life.

If it were a crime, though, one of the many unanswered questions that would be addressed in a trial is why.

“The field of reconstructing crime scenes is very restorative. What, where, when, who, and why? Correct?” stated Roder. “We must know the reason. You have the complete image in this way, enabling you to comprehend the incident.

“So, the man is dead and we have a gunshot wound. Alright, so we know the man fired at that person. What matters most, though, is why did he shoot that man? These aliens are here, but why? Who do they represent? What desires do they have?”

And at this moment, the only ways to address that are through conjecture, theory, and speculation.

Quirk presented his own explanation, which was that the family sneaked up on them while repairs were being made because something went wrong with the vessel and “the creatures,” as they termed them, had to make an emergency landing.

Future releases were alluded to by Roder and Quirk, who are watching the incident on tape and think something else was overlooked.

Roder declared, “This is just the beginning.”

Quirk and Roder said that as the case gains more exposure, they’ve been receiving tips and additional recordings regarding it, along with information about other possible sightings, which has turned this into a “grassroots inquiry.”

According to Quirk, the true beginning of it was when Julia June, one of his followers, noticed a blur in the video’s right-hand corner. That brought them together with Roder, which brought them to this moment.

Quirk stated, “There are a lot of individuals engaged.” This explains why people have been discussing this for the past year and haven’t stopped. And at last, we can demonstrate via science that there were real extraterrestrial creatures in that garden.”


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