Chloe Bailey Enumerates the Disagreements She Has With the Opposite Sex

Chloe Bailey | Image Credit:
Chloe Bailey | Image Credit:

Men vying for Chloe Bailey now know the telltale signs she won’t tolerate. The singer recently used social media to list qualities in potential love partners that she couldn’t ignore. Bailey’s list of undesirable qualities was no different from what many people would find offensive. The 25-year-old made it apparent that she couldn’t stand a conceited man or a spouse who lied. Since Chloe Bailey hasn’t dated in a while, people are still hoping for a romance between her and the other sex.

Chloe Bailey Enumerates the Warning Signs in a Partner She Can’t Ignore

Bailey has made it clear that she is aware of her value during her moment in the spotlight. She isn’t willing to accept anything less than what she feels she deserves, even if she is among the youngest in the field. In light of this, Chloe Bailey has disclosed the warning signs that a guy should avoid if he exhibits them. Wednesday during an Instagram Live session, the voluptuous Bailey responded to an inquisitive admirer who wanted to know what qualities she didn’t want in a mate.

What warning signs apply to me? Liars,” said Bailey, starting her admission. Subsequently, she divulged that she detested arrogance as well. The record producer also said that a man had no chance if he didn’t find joy in the things that brought her joy. Says she:

“And if someone isn’t excited about the things that I’m excited about like you don’t have to like them, but to just know that you care about what makes me happy, like if you don’t [wrong buzzer noise].”

Chloe Bailey

Fans Share Mixed Reactions to Bailey’s Video

Following The Shade Room’s repost of the video highlighting Chloe Bailey’s warning signs, followers left insightful comments in the space provided. Some fans identified with the singer’s deal breakers, highlighting the qualities of cockiness and lack of excitement.

“Heavy on not being excited about the things that excite me,” a fan wrote.

Another fan with similar thoughts shared:

“Soooo trueeee though! If your not excited at least about what makes me happy, but yet you like me, bro move tf on.”

A third follower wrote:

“Heavy on the cocky! I do not like men that’s like that!”

On the other hand, some fans didn’t like what Chloe Bailey had to say about her opposite sex turnoffs.

“Insecure women will call a confident man cocky. Too much hate in her heart,” one fan wrote.

Another fan commented:

“She don’t like cocky men but she posts half-naked videos? Man stay insecure and single😂.”

Others genuinely advised Bailey to stay silent about the red flags to prevent men from pretending around her.