Boom Dandimite Injured in Serious Car Collision

Boom Dandimite Car Accident
Boom Dandimite Car Accident

Wednesday night (April 27, 2024), a vehicle collision on Half Way Tree Road near a well-known bakery damaged dancehall artists Boom Dandimite, previously of the Scare Dem Crew, and Willful Skilful, a budding star.

Boom Dandimite, Harry Toddler’s close friend, was gravely hurt and remains hospitalised, according to Toddler’s confirmation.

Indeed, Wilful Skillful and Boom Dandimite were involved in an accident. In addition, Toddler was once of the Scare Dem Crew. “Boom was unconscious, they claim he was coming on, but Wilful Skilful was treated and discharged,” Toddler told OBSERVER ONLINE.

In the 1990s, Nitty Kutchie, Elephant Man, Dandimite, and Toddler created the Scare Dem Crew. Bounty Killer, who would take the four on tours to guarantee they garnered exposure and produced successes with songs like Pure Gal and Many Many, was tightly linked with the group.

Wilful Skilful, a gifted apprentice of well-known dancehall artist Dexta Daps, revealed explicit information of the near-fatal mishap. He said that when the Mitsubishi automobile struck a Suzuki Swift travelling in the other direction on Half Way Tree Road, he was in the front seat.

We were following Bounty Killer since we had just left Weddy Weddy and were going through Leggo Di Streets when my cousin drove the car. The Swift was racing at 100 mph when my cousin came down and attempted to spin the vehicle, causing a large impact that caused the car to flip over, he added.The accident’s tremendous impact rendered the artist unconscious. Injured also was Boom Dandimite, who was seated in the rear seat.

“I pass out at the same moment, for about five minutes, then I go completely dark, blood pouring from my head, and I hear my cousin say, ‘Cuz, cuz,’ and the car flips over sideways. They backpedal the car and I pick up another jerk. I went to the public, had an x-ray, had my prescription filled, and got my medication. I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life. I was lucky to have been wearing a seat belt. Mark Pellington, the artist, stated, “It proves that God says my life has meaning.

Wilful Skilful stated that he is hoping for Dandimite’s full recovery, as he suffered a seizure following the accident.

“He’s still a KPH; even Killer called me to ask which ward to go to, but they told he should come on. It’s just too bad since Dandimite is a decent guy, and he should have warned my cousin about his dangerous driving sooner,” he said.

Songs like Tables a Go Turn, Evil People, and Dominate are well-known compositions by Wilful Skilful. He is the most recent creation from Seaview Gardens, which has produced amazing talents like Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Shabba Ranks, Dexta Daps, and Harry Toddler.

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