10 Negative Effects Of Social Media In Society

Negative Effects Of Social Media in Society
Negative Effects Of Social Media in Society

Social Media has become a contentious concept of argument nowadays as it can be discussed to be a curse and a blessing to our youth. Many people are against the suggestion that social media has been hacked down and demolished every particle of substantial human response at a very startling outlay and has swapped how we imagine the human association in this latest pattern.

Many think that social media has helped upgrade and given us progressing chances and means of staying associated with our care and loved ones worldwide. We can publicize information and news faster through social media.

Since our topic is based on the drawbacks of social media, so here are some major factors that affect social media by putting a bad impact on our daily life.

1. Online Bullying

Online Bullying is one of the worst elements of social media. Many people, especially youth flatter a sufferer of online bullying as it has become so easy these days to build fake profiles and fake accounts and frighten other people. Due to these threats and terrorizing, suicide and depression issues take place. People take advantage of such platforms and spread fake news and information worldwide which resulted in harmful circumstances in the country and society.

2. Lack of sharp-witted skill

Social media has decreased the face to face conversations due to the usage of text messages. People find it more convenient to a text message than to talk because of a shortage of time. This deficiency of skill creates a distance from enjoyment, friendship, love, and peace which put a negative impact on their mental health some people goes through mental disorder which at some point become harmful and cause death.

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3. Hacking

Hacking is one of the popular warnings of social media where the hackers without knowing the other person hack the data and account. Some people face quite a serious difficulty in their life due to this hacking system which causes a great loss financially and as well as health system also gets affected.

4. Mind Distraction

Disturbance fabricated by cell phones can originate disturbance in our cognitive procedure. Our routine work performance may decline as well as our thinking capability. Students are the most endangered by the damaging outcome of an immoderate smartphone. Students use a smartphone an excessive amount which obstructs their academic performance. Social media apps can involve our minds so much that before going to sleep and after waking up we have an urge to check messages and notifications which create a distraction in such a way that it impedes both our work and time.

5. Relationship Issues

In our modern society, nowadays, relationship issue has become quite common.           People make friends on social media, they chat with each other, they find their mates, and get married. Due to a lack of understanding and not knowing each other properly, their life turns miserable which at some point leads to divorce. It also provokes obsession among teens which divert their mind to do bad things.

6. Health Issues

The major issue of social media is Health. People sit too long in front of mobile phones busy doing texting messages and looking for the latest gossip and news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which results in fatigue, depression, stress, obesity, and loneliness. People have become inactive due to this technology. Their mental and as well as physical health both get affected. Their laziness makes them away doing exercise, yoga and walking which results in a poor health system.

7. Addiction

Continuous usage of the smartphone makes people away from social gatherings and talking. They are involved intensively that they left behind every relation and are cut off from society. This addiction puts youth far away from their education and has no respect for their elders. Their energy and productive time both are affected. This addiction causes harmful effects in their lives leading to complicated issues.

8. Negative Feedback

Social media is also be used as a platform for negative feedback given on Twitter or Facebook. People share bad comments and negative reviews related to the field that you are assigned which out-turn into bigger losses in business or education or any other field. This negative impact of the comments circulates all over the world and hence one particular business goes down and sometimes faces a financial difficulty also.

9. Lack of Family Time

The quality time with families is now no more needed. People are extensively using social media and their relationships are distracted. They don’t spend precious time with their families by sitting together watching movies, having a meal together, having celebrations, and discussing views and issues with each other. The bond of closeness and love had diminished due to this technology and people are now only for themselves and do not want any interference.

10. Time Wastage

Time wastage is another common issue of social media. The majority of people use this technology to disentangle and harm themselves. The most pretentious are students and youth. This generation who is the most important for the country’s growth utilizes their crucial time by sitting in front of Facebook and Instagram and just scrolling and posting videos and photos.


By observing the drawbacks of social media we can easily interpret that social media is a platform where one can destroy their physical and mental life. Their relationship has moved far apart and their work, time, and energy both are wasted. This destruction has put a bad impact on the country’s growth and development which upshot a significant loss in production and management of the country. To overcome this hazardous effect social media become restricted only for education and business use where one can spend their time for a piece of useful information and knowledge.

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