Updates on the Texans vs. Ravens game: Lamar Jackson about the talk of postseason disappointments prior to the Texans victory: “I’m sure I heard that,”

Updates on the Texans vs. Ravens game
Updates on the Texans vs. Ravens game | Image Credit: usatoday.com

In the Ravens’ 34-10 Divisional Round victory against the Houston Texans, Baltimore’s MVP front-runner proved his mettle by scoring four touchdowns in total—152 yards via the air and 100 yards on the ground—eliminating any thoughts of his postseason shortcomings.

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After the game, Jackson addressed the commotion around his lone postseason victory, saying, “You know I heard it.” “I don’t even need to hear it; I’ve seen it. I perceive it. Yet things are as they are. It doesn’t really matter what other people think. My goal is to prevail. Every time I step onto the field, I strive to give it my all every single day. It’s a different squad; those people merely used to have our number.”

Houston first persisted, forcing a 10–10 score at the break. An surprisingly aggressive DeMeco Ryans defense blitzed Jackson repeatedly in the first half. Jackson ended the second quarter with 23 net passing yards and three sacks, which probably alarmed him considering his past mistakes.

Rather, throughout the second half, he resisted giving in. In the last two quarters, Jackson equaled his defense’s shutout attempts by scoring on four consecutive drives, including ones of 53, 93, and 78 yards.

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According to NFL Research, he became the first player in NFL history with two or more passing touchdowns, two or more rushing touchdowns, 100 or more yards on the ground, 100 or more yards through the air, and a 100 or higher passer rating. He also scored on each Baltimore trip to the end zone.

“I had high expectations for Lamar, but he has beyond my expectations this season,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh remarked to the media. It’s more crucial than ever right now. From the beginning, he has been confined. He uses that word, and we’ve all sort of taken it too literally. He is the one who oversaw everything.”