Saturday Night Live video: Alaska Airlines reveals improvements, Including Tightening Bolts

Video of SNL: Alaska Airlines Reveals Improvements
Video of SNL: Alaska Airlines Reveals Improvements | Image Credit:

The fact that a portion of Alaska Airlines’ aircraft flew off in midair may not have been good news. However, it was everything but for Saturday Night Live, as new host Jacob Elordi (of Saltburn and yes, Kissing Booth fame) joined the ensemble in an excellent ad for the struggling airline in case they ever choose to embrace their bad luck.

Considering that the Alaska Airlines incident happened in Portland on January 5, the authors must have been itching to go back to work after their break. In the parody, travelers and flight attendants enumerate the advantages of traveling on a plane that has major technical issues. Imagine becoming the most fascinating person in your office and coming up with a fantastic narrative to share at work.

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“On other airlines, you can watch movies,” Elordi remarks, “but on Alaska, you’re in the movie.” A video of terrified passengers falling from a plane then plays.

Additional regulations based on their appalling safety record? There are commemorative pictures similar to those found at Disney’s Splash Mountain and an in-flight safety handbook that resembles a Scientology booklet compared to the entire body of William Shakespeare’s writings.

Oh, and some of the bolts holding the plane together are currently being tightened.

Marcello Hernandez also gives us a reenactment of the boy whose shirt was pulled out of the plane, and Bowen Yang reminds us of the Alaskan pilot who attempted to switch off his jet’s engines less than two months earlier while on mushrooms. Two months! That flight, too, originated in Portland. Perhaps Oregon as a whole need to take a vacation from flying and go by car for a little.

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As it happens, nothing is likely more terrifying than having a hole burst through your plane at 16,000 feet. But isn’t that the purpose of comedy? to carry us through life’s horrors? Or to at least enjoy a good helping of schadenfreude at someone else’s expense?

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