If Trump Elected President, Elon Musk Officially Join As His Formal Advisor

Elon Musk could become a formal adviser to Trump if he wins
Elon Musk could become a formal adviser to Trump if he wins

Musk and the former president are rumored to speak on the phone multiple times a month.

After the former president (Donald Trump) publicly declared his third run for the presidency, speculation about the possible composition of a second Trump government has increased. One rather unexpected face of the campaign may be Elon Musk.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and the owner of Tesla and Twitter/X, is in discussions with the former president regarding a more formal advisory role in a second Trump White House. Currently, Musk serves as Trump’s go-to person for tech policy-related issues.

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The sources for The Journal issued a warning, stating that the negotiations are by no means advanced and might not result in Musk being appointed officially—assuming the former president is elected at all. However, the discussions show the former president’s ongoing ties to conservative corporate executives, whose backing some observers had predicted Trump would lose following the spectacular end of his first term in office with the US Capitol brawl.

It is reported that Musk and Trump speak on the phone several times a month, with the Tesla tycoon phoning his Mar-a-Lago pal on the latter’s personal mobile. Technology, the US Space Force, and voting fraud—a favorite subject of Trump’s in relation to his theories on the 2020 election—have all been discussed by the two.

After Musk resigned from a White House advisory board on technology in the middle of 2017, in protest to the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw US participation from the Paris Climate Agreement, the two men had already formed a mild rivalry.

Under a second Donald Trump administration, the Cabinet would generally appear very different. It is often believed that the former president has grown weary of dealing with opposition from career officials and intends to appoint supporters to his administration should he be re-elected. Notably, Mike Pence, his former vice president, declared that he would not back Mr. Trump in 2024, even with his former employer once again serving as the GOP’s front-runner.

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Over the past several years, Musk—who also had an interview with independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—has been known to veer sharply rightward and toward conservatism that aligns with Trump. He has acknowledged his own sympathy for racial conspiracy theories, such as the “Great Replacement.” In a late 2023 reply, he referred to a tirade on Twitter that accused Jews of “promoting… dialectical hate against Whites” as “the genuine fact.”

He also asserted in May that the US presidential election of 2024 will be the last to be chosen by Americans, challenging the widely-held false notion on the right that a sizable portion of the electorate is made up of undocumented immigrants.

Last week, Musk said that he will be hosting a presidential debate with RFK Jr. in the coming days. It seems unlikely that President Joe Biden or Donald Trump, who has faced off twice, will take part.

The two front-runners in the major parties have agreed to conduct many debates on major cable networks without the participation of the impartial Commission on Presidential Debates, which has historically sponsored these types of events. The CEO of Twitter/X has maintained that RFK Jr. ought to be allowed to take part in debates with Biden and Trump; however, this seems less and less feasible given that they were left off of the debate committee.


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