Eras Tour Extended Cut Arrives for Home Viewing on Taylor’s Birthday on 13th Dec 2023 – Watch Videos

Taylor Swift Concert
Taylor Swift Concert | Image Credit:

Mark your calendars and grab your Taylor-themed cake, because the Grammy-winning songstress herself is gifting fans a special birthday present: the extended version of her record-breaking concert film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, will be available to rent on-demand!

In a surprise Instagram post, Taylor announced the news with her signature charm: “Hi! Well, so, basically I have a birthday coming up and I was thinking a fun way to celebrate the year we’ve had together would be to make The Eras Tour Concert Film available for you to watch at home!”

But she didn’t stop there. To make this gift even sweeter, the extended version will include three beloved fan favorites not seen in theaters: “Wildest Dreams,” “The Archer,” and “Long Live.” Get ready to sing along to these emotional ballads and nostalgic throwbacks in the comfort of your living room!

This release marks another milestone for the already monumental Eras Tour. The film, celebrating Taylor’s entire musical journey across four nights at SoFi Stadium, shattered box office records and ignited a global frenzy. Now, fans who missed the cinematic experience or want to relive the magic can do so whenever they please.

So, dust off your glow sticks, put on your favorite Taylor merch, and prepare to embark on a musical journey through eras past, present, and possibly even future. Remember, this cinematic gift arrives just in time for Taylor’s birthday, making it the perfect way to celebrate not just her, but the power of music and the connection it creates between artist and fan.

Here are some additional details to The Eras Tour Concert Film:

  • Availability: The extended version will be available to rent on-demand in the US, Canada, and additional countries to be announced soon.
  • Pricing: While official pricing hasn’t been revealed, the theatrical release cost around $19.89, so expect a similar price for the rental.
  • Platforms: The rental platform(s) haven’t been confirmed yet, but major VOD services like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV are likely candidates.
  • Trailer: Include a link to the official trailer for the film: