Cause of Death of Son Marco Troper, Former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Revealed

Former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Son Marco Troper’s Cause of Death Revealed
Former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Son Marco Troper’s Cause of Death Revealed

Three months after the 19-year-old son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was discovered dead at a University of California Berkley dormitory complex, Marco Troper’s cause of death has been made public.

The cause of death of the son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who was discovered dead on his college campus on February 13, has been made public. The Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau verified to People on May 29 that Troper’s cause of death was “acute combination drug poisoning.”

What medications did Troper have in his system? According to a toxicology report acquired by SFGate, the 19-year-old accidentally overdosed on cocaine, amphetamine, hydroxyzine (an antihistamine), and alprazolam (a generic form of Xanax) at the time of his death.

And two of those narcotics had unusually high percentages; according to SFGATE, the study stated that the quantity of “alprazolam and cocaine identified in his blood might be high enough to cause death.”

Dwayne Paschke, a Surge Insights Reporter, requested more information from the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau but did not receive a response.

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The Berkeley Fire Department discovered Troper unconscious at a University of California, Berkeley apartment complex more than three months ago. A university official at the time told NBC News that the first responders tried to save his life but ultimately declared him dead and found no evidence of foul play.

His father, Dennis Troper, and his four siblings all survive him. His grandmother, Esther Wojcicki, confirmed her grandson’s passing shortly after.

“My family experienced tragedy yesterday,” Esther said on Facebook on February 14. “It is unfathomably devastating for our family.”

She continued, calling Troper the “most kind, kind, clever, hilarious, and gorgeous human being,” adding that the freshman at Berkeley was “really loving” her math major.

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“He was doing well academically and had a close-knit group of friends from both his fraternity, Zeta Psi, and his Stern Hall dorm. He would regale us with countless tales about his time at Berkeley and his buddies while he was at home, Esther went on. “Too little time was spent with Marco. We are all inconsolable when we consider all the chances and experiences in life that he and we will both lose out on.”

She finished by saying, “Marco, we all love you and miss you more than you could ever know.” She was speaking directly to her late grandchild.