3 Israeli undercover agents terrorists killed as disguised as nurses and ladies raid a West Bank hospital

3 Israeli undercover agents (undercover agents) killed as disguised as nurses at West Bank hospital | Image Credit: cnn.com
3 Israeli undercover agents (undercover agents) killed as disguised as nurses at West Bank hospital | Image Credit: cnn.com

JENIN, West Bank — In a spectacular assault on a hospital in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, armed Israeli troops disguising themselves as ladies and medical personnel killed three Palestinian terrorists. The incident highlighted the lethal violence that has spread throughout the area since the Gaza conflict.

Israeli soldiers reportedly opened fire into the wards of the Ibn Sina Hospital in the town of Jenin, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. The ministry denounced the raid and urged the world community to put pressure on Israel’s armed forces to stop conducting raids on hospitals. According to a medical representative, there was no gunfire, suggesting that the death was intentional.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Palestinian women assemble around the body of Muhammad Jalamneh, which is covered in the Hamas militant party flag, in the Ibn Sina Hospital morgue. Jalamneh was murdered in an Israeli military operation in the West Bank town of Jenin. On Tuesday, armed Israeli undercover agents disguising themselves as female nurses and doctors broke into the hospital, murdering a number of Palestinian terrorists. The military claimed that the hospital was where the terrorists were hiding out, and the Palestinian Health Ministry denounced the attack.
Image Credit: wbal.com

According to the military, the facility was being used by the extremists as a hideaway. It said that one of the people the operation was going after had given guns and ammo to others in preparation for a planned attack, which was allegedly sparked by the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7. The military did not offer any proof to support that assertion.

A dozen armed undercover agents were seen in what seemed to be hospital security camera footage that went viral on social media. They were disguised as white doctor’s jackets or scrubs for hospital employees, or as ladies wearing headscarves worn by Muslim women. One had a foldable wheelchair in one arm and a gun in the other while wearing a medical mask. One individual was spotted kneeling against a wall with his arms raised while being patted down by the troops.

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Israel has faced harsh condemnation for its attacks on Gaza’s hospitals, which have served as both a vital but precarious lifeline for the tens of thousands of Palestinians injured in the conflict and a place of refuge for the displaced. Already weak before the war, Gaza’s health system has been on the edge of collapse due to the sheer volume of patients, the scarcity of resources (fuel and medical supplies are barred by Israeli restrictions), and the ongoing combat outside and within hospitals.

Israel claims that militants utilize hospitals as places to hide out or as a base of operations, particularly in Gaza. The military claims to have identified weapons and trucks used in the Oct. 7 attack on hospital grounds, as well as subterranean tunnels near hospitals.

The onslaught by hundreds of Hamas terrorists, who broke across the border and killed roughly 1,200 people—mostly civilians—and kidnapped about 250 more, started the conflict.

According to the Health Ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, the incident sparked a furious air, sea, and land onslaught that has left more than 26,000 people dead and more than 65,000 injured in Gaza. The ministry figure indicates that almost two-thirds of the deceased are women and kids, but it does not separate combatants from noncombatants.

According to the United Nations, the war has caused a humanitarian crisis that has resulted in the displacement of 85% of the tiny coastal enclave’s inhabitants, the leveling of large portions of it, and the starving of a quarter of its citizens. The United Nations has warned that the crisis might soon worsen due to a series of financial sanctions imposed on the primary humanitarian organization for Palestinians in Gaza, in response to Israeli allegations that twelve of its employees took part in the attack on October 7.

Over 380 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since October 7 as a result of its crackdown on suspected terrorists, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. Since then, violence in the West Bank has also increased. The majority lost their lives in clashes with Israeli troops that occurred during violent protests or arrest operations.

In the last four months, the Israeli military claims to have detained about 3,000 Palestinians in the West Bank.

On Tuesday, the military announced the death of 27-year-old Mohammed Jalamneh, who they said was preparing an impending attack. The military reported that the two additional guys who were killed were brothers, Basel and Mohammed Ghazawi, who were hiding inside the hospital and participating in assaults.

The three’s methods of death were not disclosed by the military. Its statement stated that Jalamneh had a handgun, but it mentioned nothing about a gunfight.

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According to hospital spokesman Tawfiq al-Shobaki, there was no gunfire exchange and the three were deliberately slain by Israeli soldiers. He said that during the raid, hospital security, physicians, and nurses were attacked by Israelis.

“What transpired sets a precedent,” he declared. “A hospital has never been the scene of an assassination. Although there were attacks and arrests, there was no assassination.

He claimed that Basel Ghazawi, who suffers from partial paralysis, had been a patient in the hospital since October.

The three individuals were identified as members of Hamas, which described the operation as “a despicable assassination.”

The operation occurred in Jenin, which has long been a stronghold of the armed resistance movement against Israel and provides limited ground for the security forces and the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority. Even prior to the start of the conflict, Israeli attacks had often targeted the city. Massive damage has been caused by Israeli operations there and in a built-up refugee camp nearby.

During the 1967 Middle East War, Israel conquered the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and east Jerusalem. Currently, there are about 500,000 Israelis residing in West Bank settlements.

After withdrawing its soldiers and settlements from Gaza in 2005, Israel and Egypt imposed a crippling embargo on the region when Hamas violently took over the region in 2007.

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The Palestinians want those areas to be a part of their future, independent state, which they have been claiming since the start of the conflict.

In an attempt to broker a fresh agreement between Israel and Hamas that would result in a ceasefire and the release of the scores of hostages still detained in Gaza, Qatar, Egypt, and the US were involved.

The agreement was still nowhere near completed.

Israel stated that although the cease-fire negotiations on Sunday were positive, there were still “major gaps” in any possible accord.

Speaking to reporters in Beirut, Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan stated that while talks are ongoing, the organization is still demanding a longer-term cease-fire before freeing any additional hostages.

More positive in tone, the prime minister of Qatar—a major mediator between the United States and the Middle East—stated that a framework plan for a cease-fire and the release of hostages had been achieved and would be presented to the terrorist organization. The mediators had made “excellent progress,” according to Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, who was speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

While everything was going on, Israeli soldiers continued to fight Palestinian terrorists across Gaza, including in regions where the IDF had been present for several months.

Gaza City’s western population were advised to evacuate by Israel, and they were advised to go south. The military also said that it has engaged in combat with militants and launched airstrikes in the last few days in other areas of northern Gaza, which was heavily targeted during the early weeks of the conflict and where Israel maintains that Hamas has been substantially destroyed.


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